Look out for Cove’s special feature monthly “Because You’re Worth It”.  Women are often care-takers in their homes with responsibilities pertaining to their husbands, children, and pets. At the end of the day, women need to take time out for themselves and focus on their well-being. Often, women do not do this. Cove prides herself in being able to share a bit of herself with others and to help guide them on a wellness journey to overall health.

Cove is a Williamsville native, where she was a cheerleader in high school, a candy striper at a local hospital, and a daughter of an officer. Lisa attended Alfred University and later the University of Rochester earning a Master’s Degree. Lisa began her medical career as an RN in the Emergency Department at Strong Memorial Hospital, later becoming a nurse practitioner.  Lisa worked in different capacities in healthcare serving as an administrator, a recruiter, in long-term care pharmaceuticals, geriatrics and as the RN Research Coordinator in various studies, including immunization and cardiology.  Lisa’s husband, Christopher, served his residency there and went on to become a renowned heart surgeon.  The couple has three boys who graduated from Pittsford Sutherland High School, and are all in college furthering their education.

Cove was also a model for AMS Modeling, and in 2002, won Mrs. New York America. She served as a commercial spokesperson for an Irondequoit Suzuki car dealership and continues to enjoy making community speaking engagements. Throughout the years, Lisa served on community boards including for the Junior League, WXXI, Lifespan and Highland Hospital’s Women’s advisory. She contributes often to the community and has served in different capacities assisting organizational events for Visiting Nurse Association. She has served on the board for the Democrat and Chronicle acting as a Board of Contributor and as a citizen panel representative for the WXXI democratic governor’s debate, in 2002.

Between 2008-2010, Cove served in various capacities for the Pittsford School District Parent, Teacher, Student Association.  She also sat for the Pittsford Village Architectural Preservation Review Board as an honorary chair for the Village of Pittsford’s historic home tour, in 2013-2104, and village representative for the collaboration committee, 2010-2012. She currently sits on the social committee and the farmer’s market committee.

Cove finds great satisfaction in spending time with her family. When asked how her family stays connected with such successful parents, she replied “through routine”. Cove and her husband have been married for 27 years and they raised their children with expectations. Their children were taught what was expected of them and they were instilled with how important it was to be committed to what they said and did.

Lisa indicates she keeps her family together by having down time from electronics. When the family goes to dinner, no one can use their phone. They attend church together every Sunday and after church the family goes to brunch. This brings the family together every week, Lisa describes it as “A family time-out”. They also take family weekend trips to go skiing.

When she wasn’t raising her family, she was expanding her knowledge of healing. At the age of 37, Lisa came across Yoga and found her true passion. Cove took her passion to the next level and became an instructor. Cove started teaching yoga in health clubs, until she came across Breathe. She began with them when they opened their first location which they have 5 studios. Lisa explained there is a difference between working in a Health club and a Yoga Facility. Health club-based yoga is something people attend to get fit, burn off steam, weight loss or building muscle. Whereas, a yoga facility is more nurturing and is set as a holistic approach; mind, body and spirit. Cove has taken her yoga philosophies into her health career and encourages her patients to take care of their own health.

Cove feels through yoga you have a personal responsibility.  The practice involves more than one component.  It involves the physical being and mental health. When starting a yoga program, Cove believes it is best if you go into it with an open mind. There is no judgment in the practice of yoga. By living under this philosophy: Cove parents differently, she nurtures her marriage, she evaluates herself and has a better understanding of friends and family.

Cove states that the yoga philosophy can work for anyone. When anyone finds themselves in a difficult part of their lives such as going through a divorce, death, or loss of a job, living with this philosophy empowers and shows people they have more power and control over their lives than they thought they did.

Cove said, “As women, society expects us to look 20, when in reality we are 50. We care for our children, our spouses, family pets and later in life our parents. Women, in general, have a lot more responsibilities than their husbands. Women hold the family together. Multitasking is required. It is so easy to lose yourselves when doing all of this. People are disconnected from their bodies and wake up one day and look in the mirror and say “Who’s that?” Living in the yoga philosophy you are able to learn to stay connected and we won’t lose our way”.

Lisa described the world of technology and the phone-mania as “living outside of where you are”. When living inside a phone “you lose the beauty of experiencing a personal connection in your relationships. We, as a whole, have to learn to focus on relationships.”

Ten years ago, Lisa started the Pittsford Senior Yoga group.  She feels there is no better therapy for humans as we age.  It provides balance work, joint mobility, builds muscle, improves breathing, and develops the full lung capacity. “The beauty of the yoga philosophy is that anyone can do it. “

When it comes to yoga many people use the excuse “I am not flexible” for why they don’t practice yoga.  She always responds, “Yoga makes you flexible. The body was made for these kinds of exercises. We just stopped doing it”.

Cove also pointed out how valuable her time serving as Mrs. New York in 2002 was to her. She remained involved in this organization throughout the years. Her platform was volunteerism and this has remained a fundamental part of her life long after the pageant was over. Lisa stated “You do not have to be the winner to have your life changed by this pageantry experience”. Women support other women.  The entire experience changed her life.

Cove is embarking upon some new journeys in 2017.  She had her dog trained as a therapy dog and is looking forward to visiting people in hospitals and nursing homes. She is a new member of the Board of Directors at the Alzheimer’s Association. Cove describes herself as a “professional volunteer”. Lisa feels there is nothing more powerful than volunteering because “one act can light up someone’s day”.

Lisa enjoys being a teacher. Cove indicates she never thought she would be a teacher. As a nurse, she learned people. Becoming a teacher came very natural to her. Lisa feels this may be one of her most important contributions as she wants to make a difference in as many lives as she can. She invites you as our readers to take this journey with her. Lisa promises to take you on a journey of rediscovery; to empower, accentuate and love your life. Lisa will meet you where you are and help you find your way. There will be no fluff. Just clear, simple guidelines to enlighten and share a new perspective, “Because You’re Worth It.”